Monday, June 17, 2013

Anyone can do the accounting like a Chit Chat with OPEN MIRACLE

Today onwards  the software  open miracle is to going capture the entire IT industry, myself jaseel last few days I just work with openmiracle and I got a chance to test the payroll module, I don’t know what to tell it was amazing, comparing to the other accounting software available in the market. In the payroll module of this software it has  lots of emerging techniques they are used, and also it’s a user friendly one, anyone cannot feel he was a fresher  in these software. I thought in the payroll module’s  employee creation form is the best one, we can easily create and update the employee details in very similar manner, it includes the entire employee details, In these software’s next attraction is the design they are used latest technology’s like wpf, it gives more comfortable to work these software.
The payment system of this software is amazing. Advance payment, BONUS,  HRA, TA ,deduction like ESI, PF are handled such a easy way and the attendance system,  the LOP calculations have a professional touch. OPEN MIRACLE delivers integrated payroll module which is completely rewritten to provide all the necessary Payroll Compliances. The OPEN MIRACLE is capable of handling simple Pay slip generation, it including Advance, Deductions and additions etc.. Anyone can be understand and work with these  very easily , now the  available accounting software have lots of problems and confusions to do the LOP calculations and the payment system, comparing to these software’s to OPEN MIRACLE it was a wonderful software for  the accountants and those who are all like accounts  and trying to become a professional  accountant  , Last but not least In my view    Anyone can do the accounting like a Chit Chat with OPEN MIRACLE ”

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