Monday, January 20, 2014

One day workshop on .Net Technology

OpenMiracle provided Free One day workshop on .Net technology to encourage the students to develop WEB applications on their own and also made awareness in job opportunities in this stream. Also we tried to promote students technical career towards the new technological developments that happens in the industry.

It provided a forum for delegates to exchange their views & experiences to sustain and grow in modern competitive IT job market. To cover, the entire gamut of .Net Technology, various themes were included. The themes include a perspective of Open source software’s, emerging technologies like .Net and how to develop using .Net.

Our motive is to enable all the participants to shine in the latest trends and we are happy to hear that our workshop events for College students have attracted large pool of students and professionals alike.

All the credit goes to Mr Sainuel Abideen, who worked behind the event!!!

We thank you for your support and encouragement for arranging such an opportunity to plan the event. Kudooos to all the personnel’s who helped to make the first move…

                                                                                        For Openmiracle

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