Wednesday, January 8, 2014


We know that payroll is a tricky and sensitive business, which is why Openmiracle Payroll software includes an extensive range of features and services to make sure employees are paid accurately and on time. 

It doesn’t matter how many employees you have on your books, or how complex your structure, our Payroll module can cope with multiple company payroll tasks.

Whatever pay method you use — hourly, salary, hourly and salary combined, contract or piece work — Openmiracle Payroll handles them all and easily handles multiple pay rates for each employee. It automatically calculates all taxes, benefits and deductions. Openmiracle Payroll guides you through each step. We work hard to make your payroll process easy.

Special Features:

•  Software is built using Microsoft Technologies. Hence it is easy to use and operate.
•  Open miracle helps you to create multiple Divisions, or Sections as well as        Multiple     Grades, Levels, Designations.
•  Automatically distribute payroll expenses to multiple departments, including payroll  for employees working in several different departments at different pay rates.
•  Use any payment method: hourly, salary, per-diem, contract or piece work.
•  Payroll supports overtime, holiday pay, advances, draws, base pay and miscellaneous     charges.
•  PF & ESI rules inputted in the software
•  See detailed employee information on one screen.
•  Several Payroll reports
•  Paychecks
•  contains registers of all the details separately.

 Openmiracle Payroll lets you sort reports on more than 10 different parameters. You can sort report data based on Employee Code, Name, Designation, Division, Department, Grade, Level etc

We also offer a level of flexibility that can meet the needs of any organization, no matter how small, large or complex you are!!!

Athira E.V