Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cybrosys launches ‘Open Miracle’ 2013 software suite

Cybrosys launches OpenMiracle 2013 an accounting software 

Usual Accounting has been redesigned to work better with advanced features.

June17-Cybrosys today unveiled the first session of OpenMiracle’, Payroll.Launched by CEO Mr. Sainul Abideen around 5:24PM. 

OpenMiracle will be a turning point in accounting world. Its a great pleasure that Cybrosys could launch it by the estimated deadline.An immense pleasure was that our ex –employees Saheer,Manswab,Shameem were also present at this auspicious occasion.

I congratulate Jafer Shareef, Abdul Salam, Mohammed Shahid, Shafeeque, Roshin the backbones of the project, the whole team and each and everyone who worked whole heartedly behind this..Without their support it would not been a reality.

We would like to thank our CEO Mr. Sainul Abdeen who gave us a golden chance for doing such a wounderful project. Very soon the other awaiting modules will be released. This is a dream come true for Cybrosys and we promise to come up with many new and better products in the future.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Open source accounting package

     Open Miracle is a open source accounting package. It is a complete package for all your accounting needs. It’s flexible enough to suit the accounting needs of any field. Also it’ll help you maintain your accounts efficiently. It contains many new features in addition to the features available in traditional accounting packages.  

One of the main reasons for doing this software was that even though many accounting packages are available in the market today, they are not able to reach the common man as they are very costly. I consider myself lucky as I got a chance to work on this software. I was given the task of testing the payroll module of this software. The module includes the management of different employee details and their salary payment information. It was a great experience working on this project and I could learn many new things. It gave me a chance to learn the basics of accounting. It was also valuable to learn how small mistakes can affect the calculations in a dramatic way. It’s a fact that even a lay man can manage his accounts in an efficient way by using the accounting packages like Open Miracle. 


OpenMiracle Payroll-Simple Desktop software---)

Are you thinking of starting up a business?

Then you need to be more confident that the software you opt is the best one to grow on with your business.
You can completely rely on OPENMIRACLE Software without any limits.“It's a fact concerning to the growth of your business.And It is very simple to use even with no accounting software experience.

The way we do business has changed a lot now compared to olden days.But if you have an idea and the drive to take control of your own future business,then OpenMiracle is a perfect choice. Then obviously your company might be having employees, it has to account for payroll too....

How can OpenMiracle Payroll help you?

From an accounting perspective, payroll is a crucial part that considerably affect the net income of most of emerging companies if not allocated with proper resolving solutions. 

With the payroll Module in OpenMiracle you can manage the following part:

·         Pay head
              It’s for creating various pay heads like PF, DA etc
·         Designation
              It’s for adding various designations of company
·         Employee
                It’s for adding different employees under a designation
·         Holiday settings
               It is for setting the holidays of company
·         Attendances
             It is for recording daily attendance of employees of company
·         Advance payment
            Its for making an advance payment to a employee , this amount will be deducted from his salary
·         Salary generation
           It’s for generating monthly salary of employees
·         Pay slip
It’s for generating pay slips  

Try OpenMiracle for free !!! 

To find out more about OpenMiracle, please visit the website:www.openmiracle.com

Open Miracle

Cybrosys technology introduces a new software , “Open Miracle”.It is an open source software and use to accounting.This software is easy to use and manage your accounting efficiently.I worked as a tester in this project.I really enjoyed each and every moments worked for it.In testing I cannot find more errors  even i worked long time.The team members done it very well.All are  done their work very accurately.

I handled Payroll Section in this project.In   Payroll, I interested two modules,They are “Pay Head” and “Designation” it will creates different pay heads and it adds designations  and employees under each designations.And also they were included so many modules in it.


Open Miracle

OpenMiracle is a complete human way of accounting software.OpenMiracle is a free open source software developed by software developers at Cybrosys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. . Its very user friendly . This software help accuratly enter track and maintain information related to an organization’s  financial operations  .This include general ledger (GL), accounts payable (A/P) and accounts receivable (A/R), payroll, job and project costing, budgeting, and multinational accounting.

Fazleena Rajisha

Accounting Software-Open Miracle

OpenMiracle is a free open source accounting software.You people know that when launching a new software, it will try to overcome the drawbacks of the existing softwares and OpenMiracle has won to overcome.OpenMiracle has won to compete with the existing accounting softwares.The features of OpenMiracle attracted me is that the software is very user friendly and easy to use.Most of the available accounting softwares are costly.Here we get an accurate,reliable accounting software OpenMiracle free of cost.

Open Miracle

                                      Open Miracle  is an open source accounting based software with lots of automated features designed to take the load off small as well as large buisiness owners.
There is enough accounting software out there for megacorps,but Open Miracle  is all  about making things easy for small as well as large buiseness owners,even if they have no accounting knowledge.
       Open Miracle  accounting software can easily create professional-looking, personalized invoices to help you get paid quickly and track payment information for tax purposes.
Open Miracle  is efficient, easy-to-use accounting software bundled with project tracking, task management, collaboration and payment processing.