Tuesday, November 11, 2014


In addition to the trade show in Germany, CEBIT gonna organize their B2B Business IT and ICT exhibition in Bengaluru from 12 to 14 November for the first time

It will be a great platform for IT Software, hardware and service solutions in India to showcase the future of IT Business to global and national audiences.

We are pleased to inform you our presence in CeBIT again this year at Bengaluru, Stall Number : A44 Hall No: 3. 
                  Looking forward to meet you all in Bengaluru!!!

               For Openmiracle

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Watch Out Openmiracle at GITEX Again!!!

GITEX , the world's leading IT trade fair and conference for professional users: it is clearly geared to global IT business and the mounting challenges faced by business operations in an increasingly complex marketplace.

We are proud to announce our presence at GITEX for the second time.

Excited to welcome you to the world of technology & innovation from October 12th to 16th

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Prinju k                                                                                                                         

Friday, May 9, 2014

Openmiracle is stepping into its next version

The next Miracle is gonna happen soon...

Frustrated with the accounting software you are using now?? Wishing to transfer your required data from old backup taken one to OpenMiracle software?

This itself brings a question : how is it possible to transfer and what is the safe and quick way to get it done to OpenMiracle software.

We have come up with a straightforward way for that. Miracle Skate is a data migration software integrated with OpenMiracle which will help you transfer data fast and safely.

This software can transfer important information from any accounting application with Master table details like Customer, Products, Account Ledgers to OpenMiracle.

We have achieved this solution by mapping all the available accounting software to our OpenMiracle providing a design for data extraction and data loading. The design relates old data formats to the new system's formats and requirements.To achieve an effective data migration procedure, data on the old system is mapped to the newsystem providing a design for data extraction and data loading. The design relates old data formats to the new system's formats and requirements. Programmatic data migration may involve many phases but it minimally includes data extraction where data is read from the old system and data loading where data is written to the new system.

If you are planning on moving to a new accounting solution OpenMiracle solution, one of the project tasks which can be a wild card for both costs and timeline is data migration.

You can use Miracle skate to transfer important information, such as user accounts, applications, network and computer settings, and files, from one Mac computer to another via a FireWire cable or over a wired or wireless network.

Helping You Make The Right Business Software Decisions.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Openmiracle in 3 Tier Architecture

Traditional wisdom says that 3-tier architectures are "Good". After some digging around, I find out that Separation of the user interface from business logic and database access has many advantages...

  • Reusability of the business logic component results in quick development. Let's say we have a module that handles adding, updating, deleting and finding customers in the system. As this component is developed and tested, we can use it in any other project that might involve maintaining customers. 
  • Transformation of the system is easy. Since the business logic is separate from the data access layer, changing the data access layer won’t affect the business logic module much. Let's say if we are moving from SQL Server data storage to Oracle there shouldn’t be any changes required in the business layer component and in the GUI component. 
  • Change management of the system is easy. Let's say if there is a minor change in the business logic, we don’t have to install the entire system in individual user’s PCs. E.g. if GST (TAX) is changed from 10% to 15% we only need to update the business logic component without affecting the users and without any downtime. 
  • Having separate functionality servers allows for parallel development of individual tiers by application specialists. 
  • Provides more flexible resource allocation. Can reduce the network traffic by having the functionality servers strip data to the precise structure needed before sending it to the clients. 
Creating a 3-tier architecture is relatively straightforward, but getting it right involves a good deal of effort.

“Kudoos... to the Openmiracle developers for such a effort they taken...”

Friday, March 7, 2014

OpenMiracle at CeBIT Exhibition Germany!!!

CYBROSYS is presenting OpenMiracle, Its sister concern Company with accounting software.

OpenmMiracle is excited to have a major presence at Cebit 2014 on March 10th - 14th, the worlds' most international ICT industry trade fair.
OpenMiracle is participating for the first time at the ICT fair Cebit (Hall 6, Stand H43),in Germany

We cordially invite you to join us at Hall 6, Stand H43, to review our product OPENMIRACLE and to experience the miracle Openmiracle applied to the industries in Business ; to witness exciting products and solutions, and provide opportunities for face-to-face meetings with our senior experts on ICT.

We want to hear your ideas and needs, discuss how to accelerate your enterprise business' innovations in this age of big data, and contribute to connecting your business in a better way.

We appreciate your continued support for Openmiracle and look forward to meeting

                                                                                                                         Prinju k
                                                                                                                         For Openmiracle

Monday, January 20, 2014

One day workshop on .Net Technology

OpenMiracle provided Free One day workshop on .Net technology to encourage the students to develop WEB applications on their own and also made awareness in job opportunities in this stream. Also we tried to promote students technical career towards the new technological developments that happens in the industry.

It provided a forum for delegates to exchange their views & experiences to sustain and grow in modern competitive IT job market. To cover, the entire gamut of .Net Technology, various themes were included. The themes include a perspective of Open source software’s, emerging technologies like .Net and how to develop using .Net.

Our motive is to enable all the participants to shine in the latest trends and we are happy to hear that our workshop events for College students have attracted large pool of students and professionals alike.

All the credit goes to Mr Sainuel Abideen, who worked behind the event!!!

We thank you for your support and encouragement for arranging such an opportunity to plan the event. Kudooos to all the personnel’s who helped to make the first move…

                                                                                        For Openmiracle

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Today technology has taken us with such great strides toward advancement… Information technology has brought everything that man envisaged into a reality. In this peak time Cybrosys Technologies introduces their new software Openmiracle!!!

I was really impressed with the Openmiracle; their keen interest in understanding how the business model was structured and working through the benefits and challenges of acquiring the solution.
I was very attracted to the Budget Module.


Budget & Budget variances  that are controllable or usually expenses. This can be eliminated without an immediate adverse impact on profits. It’s specified in Account Ledger & Account Group. When the budget has been prepared and the period has started, it is essential to monitor how close the actual income and expenditure is to that predicted. This allows those responsible for the budget to see the organization's financial situation on a regular basis. Any differences or variances need to be examined and are a basis for corrective action. 

The budget variance is favorable when the actual revenue is higher than the budget or when the actual expense is less than the budget. Make sure the budget is realistic. If it includes too many rough estimates, it will not provide a proper tool for planning and control and there is a higher risk of over- or underestimates. It is a tool for checking on implementation, and an essential part of the financial report.…… 

Why Mid to large companies choose Openmiracle???
A strong budgeting  system improves accuracy for budgeting and long-term business development planning.

•Improved accuracy :  The tight deadlines and overtime hours associated with the budgeting cycle make it an error-prone process, but a single human error can have a massive impact on a company’s profitability. A good budgeting program eliminates most of the opportunities for calculation errors, increasing overall accuracy of the process.
•Faster & simpler :  Openmiracle  software contains high level functionality specifically dedicated to this purpose. This saves time on process creation (no need to create an Excel file), allows for data to be saved and reused year over year, and makes the budgets easier to manage and amend. Overall this can halve the amount of time spent on the budget cycle.

Report consistency:  These solutions connect employees across the enterprise, ensuring that the budgets have the same readable format no matter who prepares them.
•Better forecasting: Computer forecasting programs use complex algorithms that are designed to predict future expenses and sales based on past data. This makes for more accurate forecasts and long-term success.

Why are you waiting … get ready…. Being part of this miracle…Do something for World…..!!

Get the full version today!!

Sreeja .M.M

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

OPEN MIRACLE!!! A Free Accounting Package

Firstly we need to recognize that very rarely is anything 100% Free…Accounting Package. . If something was 100% free, with all features unlocked, huh…!! Then the first question to my mind would be How Will This Company Survive……??!!

It is very easy to learn, understand and use when compared to other accounting packages. Different modules are included in this package. The benefit of going with open miracle is the cost saving for your business…!
Discussing one of the module –Masters in open miracle:

Masters are what we get when we ask ‘with whom?'  With whom do we do business? Our customers and suppliers. 'With what?' –As in what do we transact with –services & inventory. 'Using what?' – gives us taxes, units of measure, currency, batches. All these become 'masters'

Customer: Actually master form will assign to makeover basic creation of all accounting requirements. itz the first section of particular requirements and end goal of business

Supplier: Here, supplies goods or services. This may be distinguished from a contractor or subcontractor.

Account Group: When you create a master record in the chart of accounts, you must specify an account group.

Account Ledger: A company's main accounting records. A general ledger is a complete record of financial transactions over the life of a company.

Multiple Account Ledgers:  Ledgers sets allow you to group multiple ledgers together to achieve processing ... All ledgers in a ledger set must share the same chart of accounts

Product Group: This is normally assigned to Alternative term for product family.

Product Creation: The product creation with new or different characteristics that offer new or additional benefits to the customer.

Multiple Product Creation: Multiple groups can be associated with the same product.

Batch: A report which gives performance information for selected criteria..Batch reports are commonly associated with accounting software.

Brand: The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns. Juz like product brand.

Model Number:  This is commonly used in many different types of product manufacture.

Size: It assign Product size.

Unit: It is the general term that means the measurement of particular goods.

Godown: Normally Godown is storage area or storage place.

Rack: Rack is also storage area.

Pricing Level: The unique cost you set that is associated to a particular Pricing Level.

Price List: Manufacturer's, distributors, or retailers quoted, published, or displayed price on which quantity, seasonal, or other discounts.

Standard Rate: Rate based on standard costing, or on standard practices

Tax: A fee charged by a government on a product, income, or activity. This means governments finance their expenditure by imposing charges on citizens and corporate entities.

Currency: Any form of money that is in public circulation.

Exchange Rate: The price of one country's currency expressed in another country's currency. In other words, the rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another.

Service Category: It is the current account because goods and services are generally consumed in the current.

Services:  The purpose of this is to provide definitions of accounting, auditing, and assurance services.

Voucher Type: A written record of expenditure, disbursement, or completed transaction.

Area: Area means particular extent of space or surface.

Route: Route will assign to direction of particular accounting task.

Product Register: Here, A document provides a description of the configuration register Related Products .
Salesman: An individual who sells goods and services to other entities.

Good Luck….!!


B Lameeza Shireen.