Monday, June 17, 2013

OpenMiracle Payroll-Simple Desktop software---)

Are you thinking of starting up a business?

Then you need to be more confident that the software you opt is the best one to grow on with your business.
You can completely rely on OPENMIRACLE Software without any limits.“It's a fact concerning to the growth of your business.And It is very simple to use even with no accounting software experience.

The way we do business has changed a lot now compared to olden days.But if you have an idea and the drive to take control of your own future business,then OpenMiracle is a perfect choice. Then obviously your company might be having employees, it has to account for payroll too....

How can OpenMiracle Payroll help you?

From an accounting perspective, payroll is a crucial part that considerably affect the net income of most of emerging companies if not allocated with proper resolving solutions. 

With the payroll Module in OpenMiracle you can manage the following part:

·         Pay head
              It’s for creating various pay heads like PF, DA etc
·         Designation
              It’s for adding various designations of company
·         Employee
                It’s for adding different employees under a designation
·         Holiday settings
               It is for setting the holidays of company
·         Attendances
             It is for recording daily attendance of employees of company
·         Advance payment
            Its for making an advance payment to a employee , this amount will be deducted from his salary
·         Salary generation
           It’s for generating monthly salary of employees
·         Pay slip
It’s for generating pay slips  

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