Monday, June 17, 2013

Payroll Reviews.......

Open Miracle is going to be the best software like Tally with much more new features and Cybrosys is releasing it as an outsourcing software. I personally thank Cybrosys Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd to give me this chance to work as a tester on the Payroll module of the Open Miracle. It was my first experience to work as a tester that also for such a big software which is going to be a miracle all around.The designing and the developing phases of Open Miracle made me proud to work for the payroll module. I spent a lots of hours on testing the software. Each time I test the form I was very curious to find the errors in the form but was less satisfied which made me even more tempting to test each and every controls that were used in the design with patience. I started to test each form not once or twice but a number of times making me satisfied that there can be no more errors or modifications any more in the form. I was even more happy to test the Payroll module because I could explore my mathematical skills while testing especially when I tested the Salary Voucher, Bonus Reduction and the Pay Slip forms. I spent too much of time in Salary Voucher by checking with almost all values that I could test with.
Overall it was a great experience, I could enjoy each hours that I spent on this software. Hope it will be a great success.

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