Monday, June 17, 2013

Open source accounting package

     Open Miracle is a open source accounting package. It is a complete package for all your accounting needs. It’s flexible enough to suit the accounting needs of any field. Also it’ll help you maintain your accounts efficiently. It contains many new features in addition to the features available in traditional accounting packages.  

One of the main reasons for doing this software was that even though many accounting packages are available in the market today, they are not able to reach the common man as they are very costly. I consider myself lucky as I got a chance to work on this software. I was given the task of testing the payroll module of this software. The module includes the management of different employee details and their salary payment information. It was a great experience working on this project and I could learn many new things. It gave me a chance to learn the basics of accounting. It was also valuable to learn how small mistakes can affect the calculations in a dramatic way. It’s a fact that even a lay man can manage his accounts in an efficient way by using the accounting packages like Open Miracle. 


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