Monday, January 5, 2015


We are Glad to say that Openmiracle is stepping to the next version Openmiracle 3.0 with amazing and unbeatable features.
Lets watch out some additional features in Openmiracle 3.0...

#All in one CLICK

·In the MySQL & MsSQL installation wizard a single click on the install button will lead to the entire installation procedure of MsSQL 2008 and SAP crystal report which is highly complex to the  normal users

#Data security

       User can create their own Usename, password and protect the data.

#Quick launch windows

     Quick launch which user can easily find the menu as they required and arrange as per  the usability and need of the user .The position of the quick launch can be set by the user where it can easily be accessible


     A quick launch calculator for user’s manual calculation if required.

#Dotmatrix printer settings

Printer settings are provided, such that the names and details can be renamed according to the requirements of the user. 

#Miracle skate & Miracle i Integration
       Also we have integrated both Miraclei & Miracle skate in Latest version 3.0. So the user will get all the features of Miracle i & Miracle skate in latest version.

And much more…..

New version of open miracle Openmiracle 3.0” is gonna release soon....

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