Monday, January 19, 2015

OpenMiracle 3.0, New Version Launch..

             Its a moment of joy to share the  experience with updated Revolutionary Open Source Software  OpenMiracle 3.0,a complete acounting package.OpenMiracle 3.0 version, with outstanding new user friendly rich features has made the software updated and highlighted in the Open Source software platform.

Some of the  newly  Added features include OpenMiracle 3.0 has developed in complete N Tier architecture  with  standard GUI components which is more comfortable for the long time user  along with major technical updation's.
  • N Tier Architecture    
  • Standard GUI 
  • SingleUser and Multiuser Option 
  • Configuration Wizard 
  • Miracle Skate
  • Miracle I
  • DotMatrix Printing option
  • Data Security

     OpenMiracle 3.0 has came with a configuration  window wizard  with stunning feature of all the configuration in a single window after the installation Process. This has made the user easy to navigate through configuration process without much troubles.You can check and configure with the  SQL versions and Crystal Reports  already installed in the  machine or can add a SQL or  Crystal Report engine from the configuration wizard window  which is provided by   OpenMiracle 3.0 as default.

 The Single and Multiuser option  makes the  OpenMiracle 3.0 a unique one in acounting Package,by which user can use a system as the server for several  client machines which makes the software perfect for your Business.The Multiuser option   has  made an end to the common complexity and limitations faced by the single user system in acounting package softwares.

The Security features as the most important one has undergone critical updation ,and now provides  Windows authentication security as well as the Server authentication Security.So data and your Business is safe with you.

The GUI has been updated with the Quick Launch feature,where can select the frequently required items and the Calculator provided as an extra feature for the calculations.
 Miracle Skate and Miracle I makes this software rich in features.Miracle skates makes you able  to skate the datas from outside the Software.Skate has come with featues like
  • Data export to the Excel
  • Data import from Excel
  • Data import from Tally.
    The imported data can be migrated to the  OpenMiracle 3.0 in a single button click,and the color pattern used  like green  for  datas that can be stored,red for data  already existing,to show the status of data is so helpful to customers.Miracle Skateupdations really made to end the bond with the existing Software package and its time to  migrate to the new advance  OpenMiracle 3.0

   The overall graphical View of the companies various status using Miracle I has become more user friendly and makes an unique standard which can show where the company stands from a single window  by several graphs and diagrams.

  Overall , all the updated features and technical updation  has really made an  end  to the bond with the existing Software package and migrate to new advance  OpenMiracle 3.0 a real competitor in Acounting Software market.

                                                                                             Ishaq KP
                                                                                               For Openmiracle

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